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Doro MemoryPlus 319ph

Photo Dial Phones, also known as Picture Dial and Memory Phones, are specially designed to help people with vision impairment or memory loss to contiune to be able to contact friends and family. Dialing up a caregiver in an emergency or a loved one just to chat is as easy as touched a picture of their face.

Many Photo Dial Phones have additional features such as Big Buttons, Automatic Amplification, Automatic Tone Control, and Lockable Keys.


Serene Innovations, Clarity, Doro, and ClearSounds are four major manufacturers of Photo Dial Phones.

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Serene Innovations

Serene Innovations manufactures the HD-30P, HD-40P, and the HD-40S photo dial phones.

Each member of the HD series features some measure of Sound Amplification, High-Definition Sound technology, and Digital Sound Processing technology that eliminates almost all distortion, echo effects and static commonly found in other amplified phones.

Serene Innovations
Serene Innovations HD-30P Photo Dial Phone
Serene Innovations HD-40P Photo Dial Phone
Serene Innovations HD-40S Photo Dial Phone

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Clarity manufactures the P300 and P400 photo dial phones.

Both the P300 and the P400 are designed for those with low vision, memory difficulties, or dexterity problems. They have 9 Photo Speed Dial buttons, large numeric buttons, and a bright secondary ringer.

The P300 has adjustable amplification up to 20dB. The P400 has adjustable amplification up to 26dB with automatic tone enhancement to minimize background noise while enhancing speech clarity.

Clarity P300
Clarity P400

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Doro manufactures the ‘MemoryPlus’ 319ph photo dial phone. It is hearing aid compatible, provides up to 30dB of incoming amplification, and features tone adjustment. The 319ph is designed to help with mild hearing loss and memory loss while keeping as easy to use as possible.

Doro 319ph Photo Dial Phone

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ClearSounds manufactures the Photo50 and the CSC1000 FreedomTalk

The main features of the Photo50 are 3 Photo Speed Dial buttons, 40dB adjustable amplification, and a fully integrated answering machine. For sound enhancement, the Photo50 features UltraClear™ Sound-Clarifying technology.

The main features of the CSC1000 are 8 Photo Speed Dial buttons, 55dB adjustable amplification with full tone control, and a full duplex speakerphone with 30dB amplification in base. For sound enhancement, the CSC1000 features ClearDigital™ Sound-Clarifying technology.

ClearSounds Photo50
ClearSounds CSC1000

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